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یتیم اور بے سہارا بچوں کے لئے معیاری تعلیم اور اخلاقی و معاشرتی تربیت


At Mawaa Homes Orphanage, Orphan & Abandoned Children Are Being Given Quality Education Both In Contemporary & Islamic Disciplines To Enable Them To Compete The Merits And Move Forward Towards Professional Careers.


Ethical And Islamic Grooming Of Orphan And Abandoned Children Is Considered As A Key Area Of Concern At Mawaa Homes Orphanage. To Instill Good Moral Character And Noble Traditions In The Children, Mawaa Homes Orphanage Maintains ...


Mawaa Homes Orphanage Pays Considerable Attention To Diet And Health Care Of Accommodated Orphan And Abandoned Children. Children’s Health And Physical Development Always Remains Our Priority.



Mawaa Homes Orphanage Is Fully Aware Of The Fundamental Role Of Regular Exercise And Physical Activity In Mental And Physical Growth Of Children. Children Regularly Participate In Physical Activities At Campus On Daily Basis And Being Taken To Excursions Occasionally.


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“Ma'waa Homes” Is An Orphanage Parenting Orphans And Abandoned children.

Ma'waa Homes First Campus Is Located In Karachi, The Facility Has The Capacity Of 50 Children.


These Children Are Being Provided “Quality Education & Ethical Grooming” With The Facilities Of Clean and Comfortable Accommodation, Hygienic and Balanced Food And Medical Treatment, Etc.

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مکان نمبر بی 30، سیکٹر ایکس 2

گلشن معمار کراچی


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